Selasa, 29 November 2011


The rain this afternoon made me freeze tonight. Maybe you think I can sleep soundly in a blanket, but it turns out you're wrong ! although rains forced to sleep in a warm bed, but could not shut my eyes at all. the answer was still you. why you can change my mood so quickly?
After a long time I could really crazy because of you. why  you can't just make me be a little sane? already go from here, I want to sleep! look at video games scattered stick there!. At first I thought these things might help to imagine happier. But still wrong. I've won a many games there, but can not make me  little more sane.
I wonder, what I really feel this time. I really don't understand. I've tried to ask in a many objects around me. but they arejust like me. they don't know. Whether they just pretending? or are they stupid? or my question is too difficult? and so,with whom I should ask? maybe you? I think you've experienced something like this. but this time I am not so bold as to ask for the truth to you. I think this is so not important. This is just my crap that never ends. I just wonder with all the meaning of life. how can life be wonderful, if no one like thee.

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