Kamis, 01 Desember 2011


December finally come around!
I always wait for this month, because th
is month is always lots of surprises.
December is the month closing at the beginning of the
new year, so you just can feel the end of this month only in the december. um, and of course there are many more reasons why I like this month. Do you know mocca’s song ‘i remember’ ? in there, mocca also choose december to represent the feeling of pleasure. “Do you remember..?
When we were dancing in the rain in that december”   it’s the lyric of mocca’s song. You know, december again dude..!! whahaha.

Di bulan ini juga artis super star kebanggaan saya sedang ulang tahun, waaaaa...... selamat ulang tahun yaa, happy birthday !!! :D ,smile, love and unspoken feeling from me..huge huge huge. Yhahaha....i hope you know ma pray.  eventhough you and i are apart, but i can feel you here next to me boo. You must know, that love like this is more than words  .why you never don’t know me at all? I try to find the answer, and probably is because you are a SUPER STAR in the WORLD, hell. Is that true? Please answer my troubled question quickly. so i don’t persist in the boredom zone. Haaalaa sok dramatees deehh.. udah ah, intinya saya senang bulan desember datang. Udah gitu aja. Yaudah yah ,sampai jumpaaaaaa palsssss... smile smile smile !!

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