Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

your smile

i don't know why, God gimme a chance to know you
and all i know, suddenly you come into my life
but, first i guess that we only care for each other
and not realize the growing seeds of  love

you show me through your smile, that always give me going strong
your smile, that makes me love you for so long
your smile, makes me believe on happiness is not too far beyond to reach
your smile the only thing that i remember till the end of time

when i'm with you, my sadness now no longer exist
though i know having you, will only last in my mind
to be honestly the story goes forever, cause as long as you will be as you are
as how you should be, through your smile will always lead my way
your smile inspired melodies in every notes i play
your smile and memories about you make me realize my places in your heart

cause for me your smile means everything from you to keep me alive

your smile, all that leads my way in every notes i play

youre smile..

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